Phd. Hassan HASSOON

- Associate professor -

Overview: Dr. Hassan Majeed Hassoon ALDelfi is a Doctor Engineer, faculty member at the Interior Design Department, ISHIK University Erbil, Previously, The Regional Manager-Iraq of Ian Banham and Associates IBA. Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assistant Professor at the University of Dubai a GUCR faculty member, Prior to that Dr. Hassan was appointed as head of Civil Eng. University Maisan-Iraq. Dr. Hassoon joined the UD since the year 1999 teaching Contemporary Environmental Issues, Emirati Studies, University Planning and Career Success, and Mathematics, Dr. Hassan Hassoon awarded by the president of the University for the Completion of ten years at this thriving institution. Dr. Hassoon interest was directed towards the Cotemporary Environmental Issues that is related to the GCC and the region. Dr. Hassoon is introduced three new courses on Water and the Future, the other course on Energy and Integrated Science, University Planning and Career Success, and UAE Society course. Dr. Hassoon participated in many local and international conferences on topics related to environment and energy conservation and mathematical modeling. Dr. Hassoon published more than 50 papers and articles. He has more than 30 years of teaching experience. Worked at the Daura Oil refineries- Baghdad, the BOC Linde Refrigeration Ltd., UK, and The State Establishment for Manufacturing oil Equipment’s - Baghdad all this prior to joining the UOT Baghdad Iraq, He supervised five Master Degree students and one PHD, author of two books on Computers and Engineering and Numerical Analysis. Dr. Hassoon worked as consultant in Belyouha Engineering and Architects Dubai UAE prior to joining the University of Dubai. Qualifications: B.Sc. Queen Mary College/London University, Master Degree Strathclyde University Scotland and PHD Bristol University UK.



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Education Background :

Dr Hassoon is UK educated, following his distinguished attainment of the Nidhal secondary school/Baghdad Bakaloreat exams, he was nominated to the ministry of oil scholarship to pursue his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, in different periods Dr Hassan achieved his Master and Doctorate degrees at the UK too. He envisaged industrial and academic experience together. Dr Hassan believes that academic performance is incomplete without industrial practice. The practice here means graduate must take responsible professional position within his socialization. However, Dr Hassan completed his BSC degree honor from Queen Mary College / London University England, his Master Degree in Environmental Engineering at the Strathclyde University Glasgow Scotland UK and PHD in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering at Bristol University Bristol England UK.

Interests :

Dr Hassan areas of interest are numerious, sport wise interested in swimming. Walking early in the morning, home garden care, indoor house repairs of appliances and the rest, Dr hassan is environmentalist in nature, He very much assocaites his personal concern with sustainablity. He beives in environment is intergenerational equaity, for nature to exist under a safe hands of human activities, a coorporate Social Responsibility must be abied by the every individual. Dr Hassan belives in sustainability is principle and daily practice. Accordingly, Dr Hassan derive his reasech activities within the scopes of environment such as solar energy, wind energy, and mathematical modelling to systems and processes.

My Teaching philosophy is :

My message in university teaching is towards Student Centred Learning. This philosophy will create un-beatable leaders in academic and industrial worlds,in addition, we are aiming to create graduates who have the sense of responsibility towards our degraded environment, and finally, to do well is to love the task you are given or taking, where the perfection and positive outcomes will prevail.

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All Years 2016 - 2017

Name :  Mathematics And Statistica
Code :  INDS 119
Grade :  1
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  20 students
Name :  Human Responses To Built Environment
Code :  INDS 325
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  24 students
Name :  Enviromental Engineering
Code :  CE331
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  85 students
Name :  Sustainable Architecture
Code :  ARCH 313
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  0 students
Name :  Building Services
Code :  ARCH 316
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  52 students
Name :   architecture & Environment I
Code :  ARCH 326
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  52 students
Name :   architecture & Environment Ii
Code :  ARCH 416
Grade :  4
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  48 students

My Publications

  • Published Books
    • Text Book Edition 2016 titled Applied Engineering and Numerical Analysis
      2015 - 2016

      At the beginnig of the year 2016, Dr Hassan Hassoon ALDelfi and co-author Dr Mahmoud Mashkour University of Technology published their second edition 2016. The book is considered a base for the course Numerical analysis, in addition to being used extensively by the higher studies students and reasearchers alike. Due to the need for this textbook, the textbook has been updated with the introduction of the Matlab programming instead of the old basic method which was adopted in the 1999 edition. Glad to say[ DOCUMENT ]   

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