Msc. Haval SAMI ALI

- Assistant lecturer -

Head of Interior Design Department


born in Erbil

co-founder of System Organization

From Erbil 


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Education Background :

High School: The Private Ishik College

BSc: University of Salahaddin- Engineering College - Architecture Department

MSc: Dicle University - architecture Department - Turkey

Interests :

Ecological Architecture 

Environmental Architecture


My Teaching philosophy is :


-          The education in university is somehow leading process rather than teaching.

-          Leading young people to their pathway not coping your idea and produce another that not better than you.

-          I am never a person that can be better than my students I am still someone that learn new things from students. Something new that I have heard but never seen in my life. As Socrates says ((learning through teaching others)).

-          I will never say this is the true, but I will tell them that this one is not true or not the target point of truth. We will look forward to the final destination of the goal through a leading process.

-          Students can find the solution for the problem that they define we can just help them if we tell them the solution so the solution will be through our perspective and will not fit the student perspective so the process will be failed.



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All Years 2016 - 2017

Name :  Interior Design Materials
Code :  INDS 214
Grade :  2
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  22 students
Name :  Design Visualization, Communication And Documentation
Code :  INDS 323
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  20 students
Name :  Conceptual Detailing For Interior Design
Code :  INDS223
Grade :  2
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  25 students
Name :  Interior Design Studio Iv
Code :  INDS 311
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  20 students
Name :  Interior Design Studio V
Code :  INDS 321
Grade :  3
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  20 students

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