Msc. Makera M AZIZ

- Assistant lecturer -

Makera M Aziz M.Sc Computer Science from India 2011

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Education Background :

2008 B.Sc Software Eng.

2011 M.Sc Computer Science

Interests :
My Teaching philosophy is :

I want all my students to understand that their present is the consequence of those historical events so that they are better prepared to act as conscious historical actors themselves once they leave my classroom. My goal is to show that the study of history is a creative process based upon the analysis of historical evidence which results in a "conversation" between the historian and the historical actors being studied. With my help, therefore, students begin to engage in their own historical conversations ó with myself, with the "past," and with each other, creating a process which enriches the understanding of past events for both teacher and student. As part of this process, it is also my task to ensure that this dialogue is conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and toleration of diverse opinions, an atmosphere "safe" enough so that candid discussion of often uncomfortable topics can take place. Finally, since history in general and U.S. history in particular is created by various individuals and groups operating from various cultural frameworks, beliefs and practices, it is crucial that history be presented within a multicultural framework.

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