Ma. Dilshad SHARIF

- Lecturer -

My name is Dilshad M H Sharif, I am a lecturer at the International Relations Faculty, Department of Business and Management since 2015. I have studied primary and secondary stages in Slemani (Sulaymania) and did BA at Salahaddin University in Erbil in 1997. I obtained MA at Kent University, Canterbury, United Kingdom in 2009. I have been so far teaching glossaries of diplomacy and international relations to year one students and International Security to the third year.  

I am a Senior Adviser at Kurdistan Parliament and acting as Head of Public Relations and Protocol since 2014.  


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Education Background :

2008 - 2009: Masters of Arts (MA), Rutherford College, School of Politics and International Relations, Kent University, Canterbury, United Kingdom.


1993 - 1997: BA, Department of Political Sciences, College of Law and Political Sciences, Salahhadin University, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. 

Interests :

I have interest mostly on international security, terrorism, oil and energy studies.

I am also interested in conflict resolution. My MA dissertation was on settling the conflict in the so called Disputed Territories in Iraq.

My Teaching philosophy is :

I strive to make sure my students learn the fundamental contents of the courses I teach at different levels. I aim to foster critical thinking skills, to help students develop their academic skills through improving their writing skills, to prepare them to function as highly skilled and competent IR students and to prepare them for their future career. Furthermore, my overall teaching philosophy is based on active learning and participation at lectures, and assessments, procedure quizes, essays and exams. 

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