Ma. Marion OUDAR

- Assistant lecturer -

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Education Background :

2013- 2014: Master 2 International Development in Science Po Paris, regional specialty: Africa / thematic specialty: Human right and Humanitarian Action

Main Subject learned:

Ø Risks and Crisis management – Elie Chachoua  (Research paper: Political and Social stability for Burundi in 2020) – Elie Chachoua

Ø Election watching in Africa ( Research Paper: Burundi at a crossroad: Election 2015)  – Francis Kpatindé

Ø Project management in crisis settings (Project design: filling and ECHO application form. Design of a project for IDPs in Nord Kivu) – Marion Péchayre (Solidarités International)

Ø Advanced research design (Research paper on refugees and host communities relationship and the impact of NGOs and donors actions on those relationship ) – Richard Balme

Ø Health Public Policy evaluation – William Bottaro and Gaël de Carmantran, EQR conseil


2012-2013: Gap year as part of the Master degree - Working experience


2011-2012: Master 1 International Development in Sciences Po Paris, Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), speciality Africa and Human right and Humanitarian Action

Ø  Globalization, humanitarian action and Health - J-H Bradol & C. Magone

Ø  Globalization and economic development – Christiane Taubira & Ian Golding

Ø  Microecomics for economic decisions makers – Pierre Andre

Ø  International law – Gérard Cahin

Ø  Political economy of development – Charles Oman

Ø  World Politics – Ghassane Salama

Ø  Humanitarian Action – Rony Brauman

Ø  Management – Nazim Taleb

Ø  Projects financing – Romain Descorps


2010-2011 : Exchange student at the Auckland University, New Zealand  (lectures in Development studies, anthropologies and political sciences)



2008-2010: Undergraduate studies in Political Sciences in Sciences Po Paris.

Interests :

Humanitarian action, international politics and geopolitics, Political thoughts and Political economy 

My Teaching philosophy is :

I started my teaching carrier in Erbil, Kurdistan about 1 year and half ago for both Soran University and Ishik University as part time lecturer. In September 2016 I took a full time position with Ishik University as lecturer for the International Relation and Diplamacy department. I received my academic title of assistant lecturer in December 2016.


Since the beginning of my carrier as lecturer, I am trying to teach students theoretical and practical skills so as to give the same as many tools as possible to enter easily the labour market once they will have graduated. I am particularly using my previous experiences with NGOs and as HR manager with one of them in Erbil to make sure that students develop the required skills to get a job at the end of their studies.

I particularly focus on practical skills such as analysis context and situation, team working, critical thinking, finding information from articles and texts. My main idea is that student should be ready to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real life therefore I am alternating theoretical concepts and practical exercise. 


I believe education is investing in the future of a country and my aim is that the next generation of students will keep working for peace, security, economic development and social equality in Kurdistan. 

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