Phdc. Othman SHAHEEN

- Social activities coordinator -

I was born in 1968 Kirsehir in Turkey  I am married and I have one child aged 7. After graduating primary and middle schools in Kirsehir my family sifted in Ankara the capital city of Turkey where I graduated high school in 1989. After high scool I entered engineering faculty in Hacettepe University in Turkey in 1991 and graduated in 1997. After university I worked for some privated education company as Math. and Eglish Language Teacher around the World for about 20 years (Turkey, Ozbekistan, Azerbaycan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan), I graduated from Management Master Program Fatih University in Turkey in 2012. I came Kurdistan in 2013 and I have been working as a Marketing and Business English lecturer. 

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Education Background :

I have graduated from my primary and middle school in Kirsehir City in Turkey, and graduated from  Kecioren High School Ankara in Turkey in 1998 after high school I entered Engineering Faculty in Hacettepe University in 1991 and graduated from 1997. After university I graduated from Management Master Program in Fatih University in 2012. I have been studying Management PhD. Program for 3 years in International Black Sea University in Georgia.

Interests :

Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Mathematics, Community sociology, Social Activities,Social assistance projects. NGOs activities.

My Teaching philosophy is :

Studying marketing involves both student and instructor in interactive conversations about social events created by the actions (or inactions) taken by both elite and non-elite people in the course of their daily lives. My role as the teacher is to enable students to obtain a marketing context through which they can understand the motivations behind the decisions made by marketing figures, critically evaluate those motivations, and assess the significance of the actions taken as they analyse the events themselves. More importantly, I want my students to understand, intellectually and emotionally, that their present lives are the result of these social events, events created by imperfect beings very much like themselves who often did not completely understand the implications of nor foresaw the consequences which resulted from the actions they undertook.

I want all my students to understand that their present is the consequence of those social events so that they are better prepared to act as conscious marketing actors themselves once they leave my classroom. My goal is to show that the study of marketing is a creative process based upon the analysis of social evidence which results in a "conversation" between the market and the customer actors being studied. With my help, therefore, students begin to engage in their own marketing conversations with myself. As part of this process, it is also my task to ensure that this dialogue is conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and toleration of diverse opinions, an atmosphere "safe" enough so that candid discussion of often uncomfortable topics can take place. Finally, since marketing in general and the marketing in particular is created by various individuals and groups operating from various cultural frameworks, beliefs and practices, it is crucial that marketing be presented within a multicultural framework.


I am a rooted belief in active learning and I am trying to stay in a very vibrant and interactive class. In my opinion, teaching is not about giving lessons to the students; Theories, concepts and empirical material are presented to the students in a way. They can integrate the information into their own life experiences. I try to do this not only in my presentations but also in my presentations and the lessons are only in the questions discussed in the class, especially when writing homework.

My Approach to Teaching: My primary objective as teacher of social science is to enable my students to think logically and clearly about social questions. The key approach I use in teaching to achieve these goals is to involve students in them.

I have a strong commitment to teaching because I love teaching; Partly because social science education can help students become conscious and active citizens.


As a result, the lifelong and refreshing aspects of learning and teaching intellectual life. The college environment allows me to grow personally and intellectually because I was challenged by other members of the community who are presenting and advocating colleagues, students and ideas in a community setting.

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My Publications

  • Abstract Published In Conference Abstract Book
    • Sahin, O. 2014. The role of information technology on hospitality management. 9th Silk Road International Conference on Busines
      2016 - 2017

      Information system has gained importance in today's constantly changing business environment as well as in hospitality industry.

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    • Economical and Financial Issues in Kurdistan
      2014 - 2015

      Economical and Financial Issues in Kurdistan

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  • Paper Published In International Indexed Journals
    • A Literary Excavation of University Brand Image Past to Present
      2017 - 2018

    • Measuring the Effectiveness of Sales Promotion Activities on Brand Loyalty: A Study on COCA COLA
      2017 - 2018

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