Ms. Achtee AL YUSSEF

- Assistant lecturer -

I have obtained my bachelor's and master's degree in economics at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 2010. After graduation, I worked as teaching assistant for the subjects macroeconomics and monetary economics at the VUB. In 2013 I worked as Research assistant at KU Leuven in the field of public economics. I worked also as economic advisor for the green group at the Belgian federal Parliament. I have joined Ishik University in 2016 where I teach Introduction to Economics and Iraq Economy. 

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Education Background :

Interests :

Pubic economics, development economics, macroeconomics and monetary economics. 

My Teaching philosophy is :

The main goal of teaching in academia is to arouse the critical thinking of the students and enhance their skills to work independently. Working independently is very important given the fact that little part of the knowledge that is related to a field is taught at the university, the rest is in fact obtained on the job learning. Hence, it is very much important that students are given tasks, such as writing academic papers, from which they can learn how to conduct research independently.

 In science, critical thinking is the motor behind its progress. New theories, which enable us to understand the reality in a better way, are the fruits of the critical thinking of academics. In social science, critical thinking is very much important as the theories in this field affect our normative ideas about the society. Economics as a social science is no exception. Therefore, during my classes I usually refer to the different schools of thought behind the theories and their implications for the society. I use an interactive method where the students are invited to give their opinions about the various theories they are being taught.



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