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Ahmet Sekreter was born in Sivas/Turkey. He is holding bachelor degree from Mathematics from METU in Ankara/Turkey, master degree from IUS in Sarajevo/Bosna and PhD from IBSU in Tbilisi/Georgia.

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Education Background :

BA, MAthematics, METU, Ankara, 2003

MA, Economics, IUS, Sarajevo, 2011

PhD, Finance, IBSU, Tbilisi, 2014

Interests :

Statistical Analysis, Econometry, Islamic Finance

My Teaching philosophy is :

I want my students to make connections. On one hand, I want them to develop and articulate a clear and coherent historical narrative: to make connections between events and people and institutions, to understand the forces of cause-and-effect and change-over- time. Sometimes the simplest teaching techniques can work the best. I use charts and diagrams and other visual representations to show relationships. I believe in mixing up my teaching based on the material, rather than trying to fit the material into the same pedagogical box. Some classes are better taught focused on a discussion of a single quotation. Others work best by putting five or six authors in conversation with one another. Others thrive when an image, or a series of images, is the focal point of the conversation. In each class, at the very least, I try to engage students in a variety of ways, with visuals, sounds, and words.

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My Publications

  • Paper Published In International Indexed Journals
    • The Factors Affecting the Direction of the Causality between Financial Development and Economic Growth
      2017 - 2018
    • The Nexus between Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Case of Turkey
      2017 - 2018
    • Predictability of Stock Returns
      2017 - 2018
    • Regression Analysis of Stock Returns By Filtering with Simple Moving Averages
      2017 - 2018
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