M.sc.. Seema KHALID

- Assistant lecturer -

 Born in Iraq 1989, Seema Khalid AlFaris has lived or worked in Baghdad before moving to Erbil 2013. She has a B.Sc. degree in Architectural Engineering from University of Baghdad and her M.sc degree in the field of urban planning & Regional Planning from University of Baghdad.



Main Activates:
December 2017 – Present: ISHIK University  | Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering – Architecture Department  | Erbil – Kurdistan .
Lecturing:  Basic design & Graphic design (First year Architecture Department) , Architectural Design II (Second Year Architecture Department) - Theory of color  (Third Year Architecture Department) – theory of Architecture (First Year Interior Design Department) - History of Architecture I (Second Year Architecture Department) .
Engineering facility activates:Secretary of  International Conference on Architecture & Interior Design (ICAD 2019 ) scientific committee .

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Education Background :

B.Sc. in Architectural  Engineering from the University of Baghdad ,Baghdad –IRAQ 2012_2013 .
M.sc degree  in urban planning at Urban & Regional Planning Institution from University of Baghdad 2015_2016 .

Interests :

Architectural Design, Urban ,City Design & Regional Planning, Grey and Green infrastructure,Green networks (corridors and patches ) ,Green & Blue ways ,Sustainable planning and design(transportation , cityscape, buildings) , Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, Sustainable Design, Model Making, Design Researches, Geographic Information System (GIS). 

My Teaching philosophy is :

My teaching philosophy : I believe that Teaching is a process of learning from your students, colleagues, parents, and the community. This is a lifelong process where you learn new strategies, new ideas, and new philosophies. I believe that there should be a true friendship between the lecturer and his students in order to deliver the teaching message easier and foster the students to learn more . Over time, my educational philosophy may change, and that's okay. That just means that I have grown and learned new things."

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