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Education Background :

Damascus University, Damascus (Syria)

Master's degree in Material Sciences and Engineering, 2009–2012.


Damascus University, Damascus (Syria)

Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 2003–2008.


Damascus (Syria)

Scientific Baccalaureate, 2002–2003. 


Interests :

Mechanical Engineering, Material Sciences, Numerical Modelling, Numerical Simulation, Sustainability, Environment, Higher Education, Quality Management.

My Teaching philosophy is :

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All Years

My Publications

  • Paper Published In Conference Proceedings Book
    • Validation of 2d-Deformable Numerical Model Used in Behaviour's Simulation of Laminated Glass Panels Subjected to Bending Loads
      2016 - 2017

      IEC2015 - Erbil /Iraq

  • Paper Published In International Indexed Journals
    • Modeling of Laminated Glass to Simulate Low-Velocity Impacts
      2016 - 2017

      Journal of Damascus University - Syria in 2016 

    • A Study Related to the Degree of Sustainability of Erbil City Households”
      2016 - 2017

      ACE  Singapore

    • Raising Environmental Awareness Among Young Generation Using Social Media: A Case “Green It At Ishik University
      2016 - 2017

      Eurasian Journal of Science & Engineering- Erbil /Iraq.

    • An Empirical Findings of the Carbon Footprint of Erbil City Residences
      2016 - 2017

      GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology (JET) Vol.4 No.3

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