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Asmaa Mamhusseini is assistant lecturer at Ishik University Sulaimani, She holds BSc. and MSc. in civil engineering.

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Education Background :

BSc. Civil Engineering, Iraq, 2007-2011.

MSc. Civil Engineering, Turkey, 2013-2014.

Interests :

Highway engineering, highway design, pavement design, vehicle safety, road construction, urban planning and construction materials.

My Teaching philosophy is :

As a short lifetime instructor with 2 years of experience, I have been a lucky witness to a big change at Ishik University - Sulaimani. As a 3 years old University, Ishik has developed into its own unique Importance, gaining university status and embarking on unbelievable growth. Student realities and dares have improved economically and publically. Although all the outdoor improvements I have witnessed in the past two years, I find that my basic philosophy of teaching stays to rotate around three interconnected themes: passion and
ambition, awareness. Passion and ambition are what I have continuously tried to carry to the lecture for each and every lesson that I teach. I am wilfully active and energetic in my provision. I attempt to establish passion for the topic material, for the development of education, and for the personal development of each undergraduate student to be the ideal and excellent that he or she can be. I want students to grow a love of knowledge. I also try to encourage them by example, so that whatever occupation they select, they go in it knowing that passion is the key to professional achievement and personal satisfaction. Maintaining an
awareness of my students’ requirements, realities, and features has always been essential to my teaching process. My method has always been logically and practically. I have faith in that it is my duty and responsibility to recognize the mind and approach of each group of students that I face. I honestly tried to state their requirements while not compromising the material or the standards. I believe that having a consciousness and awareness of my students’ realities have helped me influence, reach, and teach them successfully over two years. Yet it has become progressively hard to do so. Presently my students’ reality is the Internet. It’s nonstop sourcing of material, its facilitation of constant communication, and its easy accessibility in the classroom. I empathize with students and show them that I am conscious of their requirements, doubts, apprehensions and concerns. With passion, I show them that I care about what they understand, how they understand, and who they are. The classroom needs lighting - literally and symbolically. As a career instructor who cares about quality and instructing a positive attitude towards both learning and life in the course of teaching, I aim to keep the lights lit in the eyes of many wonderful and delightful students Ishik Universty - Sulaimani shares and holds with me.

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