Msc. Ilham IBRAHIM

- Head of civil engineering dept. -

Graduated from civil engineering (Building Construction) department at Sulaimani University from Iraqi Kurdistan.

Have expertise in Building and Highway Materials, design and construction.

Worked on different nanomaterials to optimize the best amount of the nanomaterials to be used with hot mix asphalt concrete to have a more durable and sustainable highways and pavements.

Worked at Ishik University Erbil as Research Assistant for one year and pursued a Master Degree at Structure and Infrastructure Engineering at Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Worked as assistant lecturer at Ishik University Erbil and uphold different responsibilities like the committee’s membership and organizing different event at the scale of the university.

Started working as the Head of Civil Engineering department at Ishik University Sulaimani from July 2015 up to now.

Having responsibility at different units and committees at Ishik University Sulaimani, like (Scientific Committee, Exam Committee, Protocol Unit and Administrative Board of Ishik University Sulaimani…)

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Education Background :

University of Sulaimani, Bachelor in Building Construction Engineering, Sulaimani-Iraq,


Fatih University, MSc in Structure and Infrastructure engineering, Istanbul-Turkey,


Interests :

Pavement Materials

Highway Design

Construction Materials 

Mobile Number :
My Teaching philosophy is :

I want to rise the capacity of young generation and help the future professionals to better shape thier destiny. 

I know that the aim of education should be to encourage seeking answers.

The students actually are centre; it means I have a student centered philosophy.

My aim is to enable the students to achieve their potential, not only in a specific class, but in life in general, by always helping them and extending my availability to them any time they need help, for this they need to be treated fairly without discrimination. 

I will provide these through establishing a friendly atmosphere within and outside the university.

I teach at college of engineering, civil engineering department.

My teaching way inside the class :

When I enter the class before starting my new topic I collect some information through the class by asking the students different questions which is related to the topic that I have prepared.

Delivering to the students, through those questions I can be able to get the general idea, and from there according to the general idea I can start my presentation. This is not enough of course I am taking students feedback from the mid and the end of the class in order to measure the students awareness whether they are following or not.

Actually these are beside the questions from the students any time while I am presenting or explaining if there is an ambiguity, I always taught my students not to hesitate any time they have a question to ask otherwise they may not be able follow the class. 

Finally I aim to encourage a sense of wonderment in the world around us. Although I am an engineer and teach mostly engineering students, this is not in my mind an exclusive club. We are all engineers. We all wonder about the world around us. We must continue to ask and encourage to build "how and why?" questions in order to advance.



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All Years

My Publications

  • Paper Published In International Indexed Journals
    • Evaluating Marination Effect of Diluted Zycotherm on Hot Mix Asphalt
      2017 - 2018
    • The effect of nano-materials on hot mixture “asphalt-concrete”
      2016 - 2017
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