Msc. Muhammed ANWAR

- Assistant lecturer -

Muhammed S. Anwar is an Assistant Lecturer and IT Manager  at Ishik University Sulaimani, BSc. and  MSc. in Computer Engineering.

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Education Background :

MSc. in Computer Engineering 2015-2016 ,Turkey.

Bachelor Degree at  Ishik University, Computer Engineering Dep. 2012-2013.


Interests :

Image Processing , Biometrics , Computer Security , Programming ,Edge detection

My Teaching philosophy is :

In my opinion each student in the university is sole personalized, to be concerned and encouraging environmentally to raise and established passionately, academically, in person, and within society. It is my longing in the act of a lecturer to aid students know their ability in these fields by provision an atmosphere which is secure, encourages adventurousness and leads adventurousness of thoughts. There are three elements that I have faith in are conducive to establishing such an environment, (1) the instructor must act as a leader, (2) allow students to use innate interests to lead his or her direction, and (3) inspiring admiration for all things and all people. While the instructor’s responsibility is to lead, direct the students to access the information rather than spoon feeding them. When the students exploring for information, it is seen they learn to get the answer to their problems. For learners to build acquaintance, they demand the chance to determine for themselves and rehearsal assistances in reliable circumstances. Providing learners admittance to hands-on actions and letting suitable time and space to use resources that support the lecture being deliberate creates a prospect for discrete finding and building of acquaintance to happen. Equally important to self-discovery is having the opportunity to study things that are meaningful and relevant to one's life and interests. Developing a curriculum around student interests fosters intrinsic motivation and stimulates the passion to learn. One way to take learning in a direction relevant to student interest is to invite student dialogue about the lessons and units of study. Given the opportunity for input, students generate ideas and set goals that make for much richer activities than I could have created or imagined myself. When students have ownership in the curriculum, they are motivated to work hard and master the skills necessary to reach their goals Helping students to develop a deep love and respect for themselves, others, and their environment occurs through an open sharing of ideas and a judicious approach to discipline. When the voice of each student is heard, and environment evolves where students feel free to express themselves. Class meetings are one way to encourage such dialogue. I believe children have greater respect for their teachers, their peers, and the lessons presented when they feel safe and sure of what is expected of them. In setting fair and consistent rules initially and stating the importance of every activity, students are shown respect for their presence and time. In turn they learn to respect themselves, others, and their environment. For myself, teaching provides an opportunity for continual learning and growth. One of my hopes as an educator is to instil a love of learning in my students, as I share my own passion for learning with them. I feel there is a need for compassionate, strong, and dedicated individuals who are excited about working with children. In our competitive society, it is important for students to not only receive a solid education, but to work with someone who is aware of and sensitive to their individual needs. I am such a person and will always strive to be the best educator that I can be.

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All Years 2017 - 2018 2016 - 2017 2015 - 2016

Name :  Introduction To Information Technology I
Code :  IT 105
Grade :  1
Year :  2017 - 2018
NOS :  1 students
Name :  Human Computer Interaction
Code :  IT 322
Grade :  3
Year :  2017 - 2018
NOS :  0 students
Name :  Programming I
Code :  IT 203
Grade :  2
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  76 students
Name :  Web Programming I
Code :  CMPE 341
Grade :  3
Year :  2015 - 2016
NOS :  58 students

My Publications

  • Paper Published In Conference Proceedings Book
    • Wavelet Transform based Score Fusion for Face Recognition using SIFT Descriptors
      2016 - 2017

      Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering (ISSN 2414-5629 (Print), ISSN 2414-5602 (Online))

      Ishik University

  • Paper Published In International Indexed Journals
    • Multiresolution Edge Detection Using Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO)
      2017 - 2018

      International Journal of Engineering Science and Application (Turkey)