Msc. Muhammed YASIN

- Assistant lecturer -

Muhammed Gazy Yasin, originally from north Iraq, the Erbil city, Muhammed moved to Turkey after graduating from high school in Erbil on his age of 17, he joined to TOMER (Turkish institute for foreign to learn Turkish language). After his success in Turkish language he managed to enter to Turkish one of top ten state Universities, Hacettepe University. In 2009 Muhammed granted the bachelor in engineering and soon he assigned to a ministry energy as a system software developer. Muhammed’s career life moved to Istanbul in 2011 by joining to a banking sector and meanwhile he was studding his master in computer engineering in Istanbul


Mohammed’s academic career started after his return to Erbil, he start working as lecturer in a private university and giving IT consultancy to Regional Central Bank in Erbil.

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Education Background :

04/2014-05/2014 Mini MBA Birkbeck University of London (intensive program)

10/2011-06/2013 Master of Science in Computer Engineering Bahcesehir University Istanbul

10/2003-06/2008 Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Hacettepe University Ankara

Interests :

Software Programing, Artificial Intelligence

My Teaching philosophy is :

I believe that we are all created equal; I will see the equality within each student.

I believe that all students have the potential to learn; I try to explain the subjects to the students that until he or she understand the subject.

I know that students have their own special ways of grasping knowledge, and I try to find that way and be flexible in teaching so that student can learn.

I know that students have a right to my knowledge as a lecturer. I am open to my student’s question to help further his or her better understanding of the subjects.



One thing that I want in my classroom is the idea of respect. Respecting others and the things in our environment not only helps us to get along better, but it also makes en environment of trust. 

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All Years

My Publications

  • Paper Published In Conference Proceedings Book
    • Short term Electricity Load Forecasting, case study electric utility market in Turkey
      2015 - 2016

      I used Matlab program in neural network algorithm to solve the future electricity load in Turkey  

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