Phd. board. Dr. Ayad SAMEEN

- Lecturer -

Dr. Ayad Sameen 

Fellowship of Council of Arabic Board of Internal Medicine (2012) 

lecturer at Ishik University. Faculty of Dentistry (2013)



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Education Background :

Graduated from college of Medicine , Salahaddin Univesity (2003)

Board Degree in internal Medicine from Arabic Council of Medical specialities Amman, Jordan (2012)

practicing in many Hospitals in Erbil City, Mosul City, Baghdad City and Amman City

Lecturer at Ishik Univesity, Faculty of Dentistry since 2013

Interests :

Iam intresting in General medicine and physiology 

My Teaching philosophy is :

Teaching is Amazing work. Teacher participating in formation of generation in future serving community in many aspects. Teaching is one of difficult job in many sides, dealing with different personalities of student, continuous education process and judgment.

Teaching is an active process we should treat students as active participants in the learning process, enabling their skills, such as how to study, take notes, memorizing and expressing themselves effectively. Also, students need to be encouraged to research and information beyond the content of lecture of the classroom and textbook. Teachers should be strongly aligned with student-centered and student-directed learning that include exploration, discovery, experiential learning.

Teachers must collect data on students to make a ideal environment for learning and orders so that they can target students' learning needs. Teachers perform pretests to explore a starting point and post-tests to find the students' increase in performance level as well as the learning products.

 A teacher must create an exciting learning environment that makes students not to like learning hardly. A teacher should make all students to participate in learning process at their own level and inspire them to move to the next level.

 Teacher should enable students to determine their own learning preferences and teachers should help them and creating a plan to develop other learning skills. Educational materials are a means to an end. For example, technology used properly can greatly magnify the students' ability to learn and the teachers' ability to teach, inspire, and encouragement.


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All Years 2016 - 2017

Name :  Physiology &oral Physiology I
Code :  DEN 295
Grade :  2
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  48 students
Name :  General Medicine I
Code :  DEN 491
Grade :  4
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  64 students

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