Msc.. Mokhtar Mohaammed Sufyan AL-HAMIDI

- Assist. lecturer -

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Education Background :

Master degree (M.S) in Orthodontic, Dentistry College, Mosul University, Iraq,


Bachelors in Dentistry (B.D.S), Dentistry College, Al-Anbar University, Iraq,


Interests :

My interest in alignment of teeth with orthodontic treatment and cosmetic dentistry, correction of facial appearance, and Give the patient confidence in his/her new look

My Teaching philosophy is :

Hello.  I’m pleased to have this opportunity to provide an overview of my education, philosophy, and experience as an orthodontist, as well as a brief glimpse into my life outside the practice.

I’ve often been asked how one ends up as an orthodontist; occasionally by someone interested in the field, but also by those who think it an unlikely choice.  In my case, the decision was made early.  At Fifteen I saw the first orthodontic appliance in my life, it was for UN member staff came to our village and was like silver rigs covering all the teeth. Me and my friends was waiting him to open his mouth to see that foreign attractive thing in his mouth.  This was the first plant of orthodontic field in my life I had always loved working with small mechanical models and kits and had a natural artistic propensity.  I was also aware that, of my peers.  These factors cemented a plan to attend dental school and pursue post-graduate studies in orthodontics.

The first step was graduation from high school with high score. Everyone was waiting me to attend to medical collage but I was eager to discover the secret of dental and orthodontic appliances. I studied and graduated from University of Alanbar College of dentistry with a Bachelor of dental Science.  immediately followed, I was accepted into the Master’s program in orthodontics at Mosul University.  The MOSUL orthodontic program was known nationally for excellence in clinical education and for its then chairman, Alobaidi H. Yaseen, F.  a leader in orthodontic education and research.  “Dr. Alkhateeb A.R” was academically rigorous and demanding, yet truly inspiring and a great friend.  I remain grateful to him and continue to hold him as an inspiration to my work.

Since graduation from MOSUL, I’ve had the opportunity to successfully treat over 1000 patients and have found that my interest in orthodontics continues to grow.  New technologies and practices such as advanced imaging, wire composition, and bonding procedures; integrative dentistry with advanced COSMETIC and restorative collaboration; and innovative appliances such as Invisalign have made my profession even more rewarding.  I truly enjoy both the diagnostic process—the piecing together of the puzzle, you might say—and the treatment process; seeing the treatment plan come to life—changing a self-conscious smile into a brilliant and healthy one.  But most importantly, I enjoy working with patients, young or old, to help them achieve their desired results..



I start my way in teaching in Ishik university starting from Oct 2016. Really it was great chance to return to academic life and give my expreience in clinical and academic life to my students. It was challenge for me to build up good relations and to discover the shortest way to learn the students and start to make the first step in this amazing world. directly i discovered many ways to reach my academic goals from teaching method course in Hawler Medical University. from that time ifeel that every thing grow up even in the field of education.

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My Publications

  • Abstract Published In Conference Abstract Book
    • Workshop on lasers applications in dentistry
      2017 - 2018


    • Microleakage under different orthodontic brackets
      2013 - 2014

      Evaluation of microleakage under different orthodontic brackets

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