Phd. Dr. Duran KALA

- Dean of faculty of dentistry -

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Education Background :

BSc. in General Biology -9 September  University, Buca Education faculty Biology Department, Izmir, Turkey

Msc in Medical Biology and Genetic- Gaziantep University in Turkey

PhD in Biology Education - International Geology Prospecting Academy in Moscow-Russia,

Interests :
  • Medical Biology

  • Ecology

  • Biology education

  • Scientific Project & Olympiads in Biology

My Teaching philosophy is :

My philosophy is based on a proposition that “Teaching is about Learning”. This means that to improve teaching I must focus on the learning needs of the future that will be shaped by today’s students….. Learning is not something that can be defined as a procedure; learning is something that occurs in a rather unstructured and ad-hoc way. However learning can be built into structures and processes. As we make new connections between known concepts, add new strategies, link those new concepts to old concepts, then we begin to learn and our body of knowledge grows. Thus, knowledge is a web of concepts with a whole lot of knowledge between them. (Jambekar, 2000).


Furthermore, my overall teaching philosophy is based on two principles, which are supported extensively in the literature: (a) active student learning strongly influences student-learning outcomes; and (b) assessment procedures strongly influence student acquisition of knowledge.

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All Years 2016 - 2017

Name :  Histology And Emberiology
Code :  DENT 298
Grade :  2
Year :  2016 - 2017
NOS :  53 students

My Publications

  • Abstract Published In Conference Abstract Book
      2014 - 2015
  • Editor Of A Scientific Journal
      2016 - 2017
      [ LINK ]
  • Paper Published In International Indexed Journals
    • Detection of Conjugative Plasmid Encoded Ampicillin and Tetracycline Resistant in Klebsiella pneumonia
      2013 - 2014
      [ LINK ]
  • Paper Published In International Indexed Journals And Presenting Same Paper In International Conference
    • Epidemiology and Ecological Distribution of Tree Tumors in the Territory of Landscape Reserve “Teply stan”
      2015 - 2016
      [ LINK ]
  • Paper Published In Iraqi Journals
    • Investigation of Soil Properties and The Red Book of Soils in the Landscape reserve "Teply Stan"
      2016 - 2017
      [ LINK ]
    • Pharmacological Properties and Cytotoxic Effects of Matricaria Chamomilla Plant Extracts by MTT Assay
      2013 - 2014
  • Published Books
    • ECOLOGY Modular System-Zambak Publishing Turkey
      2008 - 2009
    • HUMAN BIOLOGY- Modular System- Zambak Publishing
      2008 - 2009