M.ed. Pashew M. NURI

- Head of elt department -

Pashew is a Fulbright Alumni, with a M.Ed degree in Curriculum and Instruction. His research area revolves around Teacher Education and Recreational reading. 

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Education Background :


M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction
University of Cincinnati, USA

BA in English Language
Salahddin University, Erbil


Interests :

Teacher Education, Teacher Preparation, Preservice teachers, Recreational Reading.

My Teaching philosophy is :

 I define myself not just as a teacher but also as an educator. As a teacher/educator I encourage and work for making learning centralized in one’s life. A learning that is transformative, meaningful, and life-long. One that helps me and the learner learn how to utilize what we know for purposes of, firstly; self-improvement, and secondly social justice and societal well-being.

This way of thinking about teaching and learning is important to me because I see teaching not as a means of transferring knowledge and information but a knowledge production shared path between the teacher and the learner. That will help both the teacher be the learner and the learner be the teacher at the same time. The teacher and the learner are taking roles of knowledge construction rather transferors and receivers of information.

To achieve such a goal there are various types of techniques and strategies to use inside classroom. Techniques like; case study, group work, interactive lectures, learning/reading circles, class discussions, mini studies, dialogue, and experimental activities.

 This type of teaching and learning requires different types of assessment. Way of evaluation I utilize here would be assessment types like projects, papers (studies), panels, presentation, and self-reflective papers. Despite the fact that such an assessment is all about qualitative evaluation and excluding the quantitative aspect of assessment, that is because this approach towards teaching and learning in and of itself looks into teaching and learning endeavor as a qualitative and reflective act which makes it harder to deal with but the outcome is worth as research has shown.  

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All Years

My Publications

  • Paper Published In Iraqi Journals
    • Recreational Reading Effects on Teaching: From the Perspectives of Pre-service Teachers
      2016 - 2017

      This study looks into the issue of recreational reading effects on teaching from the perspectives of pre-service teachers. It answers the question whether pre-service teachers believe recreational reading habits and behaviors affect their teaching? To answer the question, the study utilized a quantitative methodology, using a survey instrument. The participants of the study were graduate and undergraduates (seniors and juniors) students who were pursuing a teaching degree/license in both secondary and mi[ LINK ]

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